Vander breaks the rules at GDC 2014


San Francisco is sweet to us! Vander is now in the Golden Gate City to deliver not one, but two talks!

The first one, titled It’s Not In The Writer’s Manual, is a Q&A where he will sit alongside Jill Murray (Ubisoft) and Jonathon Myers (Reactive Studios) answering questions from new and aspiring game writers. Those attending can expect some off-the-books insight on the intricacies of creating strong emotional responses in gamers through powerful narrative architecture.

Vander’s second appearance, titled Empathetic Games Are Here to Stay! What’s Next?, will put him center stage demonstrating the staying power of empathetic games and how they can help players get closure on common experiences like bullying and traumatic love relationships. Empathetic games development is still, in large part, an uncharted landscape, but Vander will be happy to share what we’ve discovered so far of this new world!

For more information on these talks and a slew of other fascinating discussions, check out GDC’s session scheduler.