TMVR on to help raise money for the Blind Foundation

We’re thrilled to participate in this upcoming event! The amazing creator of the event, Jomas, will be playing a variety of VR games, including TMVR on this 40 hour stream to raise money for the Blind Foundation!
“VRRelated is happy to announce that we will be running a continuous 40-hour live stream to raise money for the blind. (
The 40-hour stream from 5th August 8pm until 7th August 12pm (UTC) is the work of Jomas Benfell, who took it upon himself to set the wheels in motion for the event. Virtual Reality is an exciting new technology with a plethora of applications, some already discovered, but many still to be explored.
One of the things that we know about this expansive world that we inhabit, is that each person in it, has their own trials and tribulations. So when Jomas pitched us the idea of setting up a charity stream to raise money for those unable to experience VR, we were all for it.”