Time Machine VR Out NOW On PS VR!

Time Machine VR is coming to PlayStation VR on November 15, 2016, and it will be dino-mite (not even sorry)! This game is about the excitement and discovery of underwater prehistoric creatures. Not only has the team improved scripting and loading times, but the game has full French VO to help reach even more folks. In addition, we’ve gone in-depth about the science that went into making Time Machine VR!

Play Time Machine VR for PS VR TODAY and watch megalodon eat a giant prehistoric hippo!
Play Time Machine VR for PS VR TODAY and watch megalodon eat a giant prehistoric hippo!

Every encounter, as you travel through time, lets you get up close and personal with new and different species like Mosasaurs, Dakosaurs, Pliosaurs, and Megalodons.

Dr. Hans Larsson, Canada Research Chair in Vertebrate Palaeontology at the Redpath Museum of McGill University, helped us create the most scientifically up-to-date creatures by telling us everything, from the way these prehistoric beasts swam, to how they fed, as well as when and where they lived.

“You’re learning about the process of science. A lot of my work is about going through specific time zones and what were the actual animals and plants that lived in that exact geological horizon. Everything in here [in Time Machine VR] is absolutely based on research. VR, and paleontology are about to crash together like two trains – in a good way!”

Interact with living prehistoric creatures like you've never done it before!
Interact with living prehistoric creatures like you’ve never done it before!

The most amazing thing is that, because of the close attention we’ve put on getting the science right, the game offers the pacing and discovery of active research on the field alongside the excitement of close encounters with giant prehistoric beasts.

But in order to make that journey and navigation possible, the team needed to tackle a different kind of beast: nausea. One of our lead programmers, Alex Viens, shared some of the insights about designing for VR and how it affects nausea and interfaces.

“A bunch of the early design for the game was informed by trying to get players not to be sick and some of the things that do help with that is having a fixed frame of reference – something that is always there in your peripheral vision and grounds your position for your brain.”

Once you try Time Machine VR, you'll never go back to a non-VR game
Once you try Time Machine VR, you’ll never go back to a non-VR game

There’s so much to discover in the massive world of Time Machine VR and we can’t wait to take you back to the past where the Ammonites and the Dakosaurs roam…but watch out for Megalodon!


  • Terranova667

    When does it launch in UK / Europe because we don’t have it here and i was looking forward to it

    • It’s coming very soon. American and Euro launches won’t be too far apart. Stay tuned!

      • Terranova667

        Thanks for the reply, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for it.