Time Machine VR Now Live On Oculus Early Access!

We’ve been waiting for this day for the past two years. We were one of the first game developers to work with VR when the DK1 was announced on Kickstarter, and now we’re thrilled to see Time Machine VR (TMVR) become an Oculus Early Access title!


For those of you who backed TMVR on Steam Early Access (until March 27) and are eagerly waiting for your VIVE or CV1 to come in the mail, we’ve got good news: you’ll be able to play TMVR on both headsets at no additional cost! This means that if you bought TMVR on Steam Early Access by March 27, you don’t need to buy it again to play it on your VIVE or CV1! Stay tuned for the details on how you’ll be able to get TMVR on either device of your choice soon!


At the moment, the Steam Early Access and the Oculus Early Access versions differ as follows:

  • Steam Early Access Version has more content: Levels 0, 1, 2, and 3 on Story Mode + an Exploration Mode. But it’s less polished and has more bugs that need ironing out. It runs on SDK 0.8 and works for DK2 and Crescent Bay (as of March 28, 2016). It currently costs USD 19.99.
  • Oculus Early Access Version has less content: Levels 0, 1, and 2 on Story Mode. But it’s more polished. It runs on SDK 1.2 and works for Oculus Rift CV1. It currently costs USD 9.99 and gives you access to the game on CV1 only.


Soon, you’ll be able to enjoy the same content on both versions, and we’ll keep you posted as we make progress on this front.


Once again, we’d like to thank you for your support throughout the development of Time Machine VR. We’re so excited to have such amazing fans and hope that you’ll enjoy TMVR on the Rift and VIVE.


See you in the past!