Time Machine VR gets its first update on Steam’s Early Access!

We’ve done it!

After all that PAX Prime craziness, we were incredibly proud of what we achieved, but we knew we also wanted to improve Time Machine VR*** and make it as  awesome as it could be. Even after just one month of being on Steam’s Early Access, we got some very useful feedback that influenced how we’ve approached this milestone, and we hope you enjoy the changes we’ve made. 🙂

Here is the short version of what we’ve done:

  • Keyboard Support: The game and demo now have keyboard support AND fully customizable  controls. Tutorial art to support this is not yet implemented, but planned for a future update.
  • Reworked the Mission Hub / Svalbard area: We moved all the portals around to make more sense, and improved navigation to enhance comfort.
  • Plot & VO: Re-recorded and replaced some of Rob’s (the AI) dialog, as well as added full motion video (FMV) of Research Director Elizabeth between levels. The mystery of Time Machine VR is coming to life!
  • New DinoDex Phase 1: The DinoDex is now a central location in Svalbard, serving as a place to upload collected data and check out information about the creatures you’ve encountered. This is a substantial change to the functionality of the DinoDex, and even more tweaks are planned for the future to make it even cooler.
  • Resolution Options: New advanced graphics options menu to let players selectively turn more features on / off and select resolution scaling.
  • Territories: More lifelike dino AI boundaries.

Check out the full update here: (LINK TO EARLY ACCESS ANNOUNCEMENT PAGE)
Download Time Machine VR here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/356180/