The Papo & Yo soundtrack is now available on iTunes and Amazon for $5.99


Hi hi!

You can now carry the beautifully atmospheric music of Papo & Yo wherever you go! We’re thrilled to be able to offer the additional convenience of portable sonic goodness, so now you can take Quico, Lula and Monster with you. We wish you many hours of repeated melodic bliss with these goodies from iTunes and Amazon. 🙂

We would like to give special praise to the extraordinary skill and talent of all the musicians involved in the production of this soundtrack, courtesy of La Hacienda Creative!

Technical Credits
Written, produced, recorded and mixed by Brian D’Oliveira
Co-engineer, recording + mixing by Jera Cravo
Assistant recording engineering by Amelie Lamy
Mastered by Jeremy Reid
All music was recorded, mixed & mastered @ La Hacienda Creative’s Montreal Studio ‘A’
Musician credits
All instruments played by Brian D’Oliveira with the collaboration of:
Orlando ‘Vovo’ Macedo Conceinçao – Percussion
Loga Ramin Torkian -Bowed Guitar Viol & Kamaan
Elinor H. Frey – Baroque Cello
Pepe Mendoza Loli – Gian Amazonian twin flutes & Harmonica ( ‘A New Hope’ )
Kamal Sabri – Lead Sarangi ( ‘Anger Management’ &’ Growing up’ )
Alan Shell – Udu ( ‘Euclid is Wrong’ )

Amir Amiri – Santur ( ‘A New Hope’  & ‘Growing Up’ )

Kids Choir (Liberation) 
Yan Groushvitski
François Verret
Marikha Durand
Marie-Soleil Roy
Anne-Justine Roy.
Instruments Used 
(All sounds and instruments were 100% performed live. no sample libraries or synths were used in this production)

String instruments:  vintage Brazilian classical guitar, South Amerinca ronrocco & charango, African Kora & N’goni, Amazonian ‘arco del duende’, Venezuelan & Cuban cuatros.

Bowed Instruments: Baroque viola da gamba, Indian Sarangi & Esraj,  German folk fiddles, indian violin, Baroque Cello, Baroque Viola , Ned Steinberger bowed electric Omnibass. ‘Frankie’ experimental bowed kalimba, electric guitar viol & Kamaan.
Blown Instruments: Concert silver flute, Peruvian quenas, rondadores & Zampoñas, German ‘Futujara’, Brazilian hunting whistles ( Paulo Coelho) , Colombian ‘Gaitas’,  native ‘tsaaj nplaim’ flutes from Laos, African Mandinge flutes, Giant Amazonian twin flutes, irish tin whistle.
Melodic percussion: Panart hang drum, African giant thumb piano, German sansula, Balinese gamelan, celeste.

Percussion: Surdos, Alfaia, rebolo, caixas, repinique, cuica, agogo,timbau, pandeiro, Cajon, Quijada,Congas, bongos, Tamani, Djembe, Siberian jaws harp, tibetan bells, assorted shakers, bell tree etc…

Special mentions
Vander Caballero & the Minority team – without him trusting us with with his dream this  amazing journey and music would never have happened.
Benoit LaFrance & Frederic Hammel – who’s guidance and feedback had a profound and positive effect on how this music came to be within the game abd beyond.
The admin team @ La Hacienda Creative, Erik Virtanen, Sophie Ferron, Joana Do Valle & Magali Etore – who made sure everything was running smooth and allowed us the peace of mind to create this. beautiful music.
Mathew Farley ( – for having built the most amazing Bass Viola Da Gamba (Feat. in songs such as ‘Relax, Why Don’t You’).
Jorge Espinosa – for also having built the most amazing sounding Ronrocco and which became one of the signature instrument of this soundtrack.
Luthier shop ‘Baragnouma’ ( from Burkina Fasso ) for having made such a great Kora and Mandinge flutes ( Feat. in ‘A Slow Realization’ ) .
Stephan Cocke & Fred Everything – for lending their ears and advise during the mixing process.
Francois Guinois of Studio Economik – without his technical advise and help this music would not have sounded as good as it would have ( all the gear recording gear used in this record came from his shop ) .