We are Minority!

Founded in 2010, our mission is to deliver meaningful, top-quality, AAA titles to gamers worldwide. With an accomplished staff whose credits include Army of TwoNeed for Speed and a variety of other commercially and critically successful titles, we are an independent studio with big goals. Minority is the home for passionate and experienced creators who could not stand to develop yet another shooter game. The studio aims to deliver meaningful game experiences to the public, starting with our first game, Papo & Yo, developed in partnership with Sony’s Pub Fund, available now on the PlayStation® Network and coming to Steam® on April 18, 2013.

Minority’s team includes our Creative Director, Vander Caballero, who co-founded the studio in conjunction with Rezolution Pictures, an award-winning film and television production company responsible for the widely-acclaimed documentary Reel Injun. With Vander’s background as Design Director at EA Montreal, Rezolution Pictures’ track record in producing immersive visual experiences, and a staff that features some of the best game creators in Canada, we are looking forward to developing a number of innovative titles for a variety of platforms over the coming years!

Vander Caballero - Creative Director

Vander Caballero is a leading member of the Canadian video game community. As Design Director at EA Montreal from the studio’s inception in 2004 through his departure to co-found Minority in 2010, Vander created 2 IPs for EA, Army of Two & Boogie. He also worked on many of EA’s major franchises including FIFANeed for SpeedThe Sims and Spore. As the Creative Director at Minority, Vander is exploring new directions in game concept and design in a way that’s only truly possible at an independent studio.

Julien Barnoin - Lead Engineer

The youngest member of the key creative team, in the past five years Julien Barnoin has established himself as the lead game mechanic programmer for the multi-million dollar franchise Army of Two.

Ernest Webb - Executive Producer, Chief Spiritual Officer

Born in Moose Factory and raised in the sub-Arctic Cree community of Chisasibi, James Bay Ernest Webb has devoted his life to telling the stories of Canada’s Aboriginal peoples, across all media. He is co-creator of The Silent Enemy, an authentic Aboriginal video game experience, now being developed by Minority. Ernest’s most recent credits include directing the Gemini nominated documentary series Down the Mighty River.

Catherine Bainbridge - Executive Producer, Chief Business Development Officer

Co-director of the Peabody Award-winning documentary Reel Injun and a driving force behind award-winning documentary and fiction programming, executive producer Catherine Bainbridge is now spearheading Rezolution Picture’s move into interactive media, with Minority. Catherine brings her energy and enthusiasm to a wide range of areas, whether it’s shaping innovative business strategies, bringing together talented creators or applying her expertise in powerful character-based story telling.

Christina Fon - Executive Producer, Executive Director Business Affairs

Two-time Gemini Award winner Christina Fon handles a wide range of duties, responsible for sales, business and legal affairs, as well as broadcaster and funder relations. In 2009 and 2010, Fon received Gemini Awards from the Academy of Canada Cinema and Television for both Club Native and the Peabody Award-Winning Reel Injun.

Linda Ludwick - Executive Producer, Chief Financial Officer

Linda Ludwick is responsible for financial management and business strategies at Rezolution Pictures, overseeing all corporate and production-related finances. Linda is also a founding member of Beesum Communications, an independent Cree majority-owned and operated communications company, where she has served as Director of Finance for the past 15 years.

For more information on our team, check out our “Bonding With …” blog series here.

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