Spirits of Spring Out on iOS October 2!

Dear HEARTcore community,

Spirits of Spring, our second empathy game, will launch on the App Store, October 2, to coincide with National Bullying Prevention Month! It’s an adventure game with puzzle elements, and an emotional journey about friendship and bullying. Spirits of Spring is the story of a Native American boy named Chiwatin (it means “son of the north wind” in Cree). Chiwatin has the power to control magical spirits that maintain the balance between spring and winter. One day, three bullies, a band of intimidating giant crows, steal the spirits and Permanent Winter sets in. So, it’s up to Chiwatin and his two best friends, Rabbit and Bear, to restore the balance of nature by confronting the bullies and reclaiming the spirits. On his quest, Chiwatin will discover the value of friendship in overcoming the hardships of bullying.

We want to thank everyone who worked tirelessly to bring this game to life. And to our HEARTcore community, we hope that you will enjoy playing Spirits of Spring as much as we enjoyed making it. 😉

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Systems: Available on iOS
(Android and PC versions under consideration)
* iPod Touch 4th Gen and lower, iPhone 4 and lower or iPad 1 are not compatible with this app.

Rating: 10+

Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

• A fascinating 3D world inspired by northern Canada, never seen before in a video game
• Hero is a Native American, a first in a non-violent video game
• Rich storytelling and immersive gameplay through engaging touchscreen controls
• The ability to collect spirits and use the magic of nature to triumph over giant evil crows and Permanent Winter
• The chance to play different characters and use their special abilities to uncover new paths
• An exploration of the many facets of bullying in a whole new way
• A haunting dynamic soundtrack, triggered by the player’s actions; very rare in iOS games