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June 8


June 7

E3 2012: You, Me, and the “Papo & Yo” Trailer and Screenshots in MTV Geek by Charles Webb

New Details Revealed on PlayStation 3 Exclusive: Papo & Yo in Electronic Theatre by MacPac

Papo & Yo Preview (PSN) in PlayStation Lifestyle by Dan Oravasaari

June 6

Papo & Yo’ might make you cry  in The Verge/Polygon by Matt Leone

Bonus Stage with Vander Caballero from Papo & Yo from Bonus Stage on GameSpot

June 1

E3 2012: The Rest in The Verge/Polygon by Alexa Ray Corriea

Papo & Yo E3 Trailer in Hardcore Gamer by Adam Beck

Papo & Yo E3 Trailer: The Changing World in PlayStation Blog by Vander Caballero

Papo & Yo E3 Trailer Released, New E3 Demo Announced in PlayStation LifeStyle by Nick Michetti

June 2

E3 2012: Papo & Yo Trailer (PlayStation 3) in Aussie Gamer by Tynan Muddle

Papo & Yo’s E3 Trailer Is Beautiful and Mindblowing in Blistered Thumbs by Gabriel B.

June 3

Withdraw into the desolate favelas of Papo & Yo in Destructoid by Kyle MacGregor

May 29, 2012
Papo & Yo: All the Best Monsters Have Daddy Issues in 1Up by Marty Sliva

May 15, 2012

How Papo and Yo Was Inspired by Creator’s Childhood in The Wall Street Journal by Yannick LeJacq

“Papo & Yo” Brings Magical Realism to Your Playstation in REMezcla by Matt Barbot

May 12, 2012

Games Made in Canada in The Toronto Sun by Steve Tilley

Papo & Yo Preview in Dork Shelf by James Farrington

May 11, 2012

Hot Shot: Papo & Yo in HookShot Inc. by Simon Parkin

PlayStation Canada’s Spring Showcase in

May 10, 2012

Prototype, Fantastic Realities of Papo & Yo in IndieGames by John Polson

See How Papo & Yo Tries to Recreate the Fantastic Realities of Childhood in Kotaku by Evan Narcisse

May 8, 2012

Finding wonder in reality: Papo & Yo developer diary in Destructoid by Jason Cabra

First Developer Diary For Papo & Yo Released in PlayStation Lifestyle by Nick Michetti

New Papo & Yo Video Takes A Look Behind The Artistic Direction in Shogun Gamer by Ian Fisher

Papo & Yo Dev Diary: Fantastic Realities in by Vander Caballero

Papo & Yo – Spotlight by The Homeless Gamer

April 20, 2012

Therapy, Alcohol, and Chickens: The story behind PSN’s Papo & Yo in The Verge Gaming by Matt Leone

March 22, 2012

Papo & Yo Composer Brian D’Oliveira Melds Sentiment with Sound in Dual Shockers by Alexa Ray Corriea

MARCH 16, 2012

Memories of Abusive Childhood Inspire Emotional PlayStation Game in by Patrick Shaw

MARCH 15, 2012

Papo & Yo explores abuse, fear, and poverty through… block puzzles? in Ars Technica by Kyle Orland

MARCH 14, 2012

GDC 2012 Hands On: Switch Puzzles and Pathos in Total PlayStation by Vincent Ingenito

MARCH 13, 2012

GDC 2012 Hands On: Papo and Yo Proves Games can be Art in GamrReview by Gordon Bryant

Papo and Yo and Dealing with Tragedy in Joystiq by David Hinkle

MARCH 12, 2012

GDC 2012 – Papo & Yo Hands On in PSN Stores by Chris K.

Watch and See How Papo & Yo Might Be 2012’s Most Charming Video Game in Kotaku by Evan Narcisse

MARCH 8, 2012

The 10 Best Family Games in The Independent by Andy Robertson

GDC 2012: Vander Caballero Talks Papo & Yo, Emotional Impact of Games in Dual Shockers by Alexa Ray Corriea (Interview)

The Emotional Adventure of Papo & Yo in IGN by Colin Moriarty

MARCH 7, 2012

New Papo & Yo Gameplay Trailer Released At GDC in PlayStation Life Style by Nick Michetti

Papo & Yo Hands-On [GDC 2012] in Shogun Gamer by Ian Fisher

MARCH 6, 2012

GDC 2012: Recalling a Tough Childhood Through ‘Papo & Yo’ in USA Today by Brett Molina (Interview)

MARCH 1, 2012

Forward thinking: Sony’s risk with unique ideas pays off in VG24/7 by Johnny Cullen (Mention)

Papo & Yo’s Monster redesigned, less like a puppy in Joystiq by Richard Mitchell

FEBRUARY 29, 2012

Le monstre de Papo & Yo change de look in Jeux Video (French)

Papo & Yo’s Monster Gets Darker Redesign in PlayStation Life Style by Sebastian Moss

Papo & Yo Returns With A Slightly Different Look in Shogun Gamer by Ian Fisher

Papo & Yo: The challenges of designing Monster in Player Attack by Jessica Citizen

Papo & Yo Update: Monster Evolved in PlayStation Blog by Vander Caballero

FEBRUARY 8, 2012

1UP: The top PS3 games of 2012 in 1UP (Mention)

FEBRUARY 3, 2012

Games Radar: The Preemptive 2012 Game Awards in Games Radar by Mikel Reparaz

JANUARY 25, 2012

20 IGN Editors Pick Their Most Anticipated Game of 2012 in IGN by IGN Staff

JANUARY 16, 2012

The Strangest Games of 2012 in IGN by Nathan Meunier

JANUARY 13, 2012

Looking Ahead to 2012 in PS3 Downloadable Releases in PSN Fans by Angelo Valdivia

JANUARY 5, 2012

Taming the Monster in The Montreal Mirror by Erik Leijon (Interview)

JULY 21, 2011

Creating a AAA Indie Game in  Game Spot by Sophia Tong

JULY 13, 2011

Sony commits $20 million to indie devs in Game Spot by Tom Magrino

JUNE 16, 2011

Q&A: Papo & Yo Creator Vander Caballero On How His Troubled Past Inspired His Newest Project in Giant Bomb by Alex Navarro (Interview)

JUNE 10, 2011

Papo & Yo – E3 Preview in PlayStation Life Style by Ray Conley

JUNE 9, 2011

E3 2011: Hands-On Impressions of Papo & Yo in Indie Games by Cassandra Khaw

JUNE 7, 2011

E3: Papo & Yo in The Escapist by Steve Butts

JUNE 6, 2011

Papo & Yo announced for PSN in Eurogamer by Fred Dutton

JUNE 5, 2011

E3 2011 – Trailer: Papa & Yo in Indie Games by Cassandra Khaw

JUNE 3, 2011

E3 2011: Looking forward to… Papo & Yo in Thunderbolt by Matt Wadleigh

Introducing Papo & Yo for PSN in PlayStation Blog by Vander Caballero

Minority studio debuts with Papo & Yo in  Game Spot by Brendan Sinclair

Papo & Yo is a Bittersweet Allegory of Growing Up With an Drug User in Kotaku by Owen Good

Sony Introduces Papo & Yo: One Man’s Personal Trauma Filtered Through a Downloadable Game in Giant Bomb by Alex Navarro

JUNE 2, 2011

A Human Story: The Surreal Papo & Yo’s First Interview in PlayStation Life Style by Sebastian Moss (Interview)

Introducing a New PSN Exclusive: Papo & Yo in PlayStation Life Style by Sebastian Moss

PSN: “Papo & Yo,” Allegory for an Alcohol Abusing Father, and Son in NeoGaf

Papo & Yo – PSN exclusive from an indie dev. in The Games of Chance

Papo & Yo Announced For PSN: Surreal Puzzle-Platform Coming Early 2012 in G4tv by Jake Gaskill

Papo & Yo announced for PlayStation Network in Destructoid by Conrad Zimmerman

Papo & Yo announced for PlayStation Network in Gematsu by Sal Romano

Papo & Yo Announced, New PSN Exclusive in PSN Stores by Chris K.

Papo & Yo turns a friend into an adversary on PSN in 2012 in Joystiq by David Hinkle

Sony Announces Papo & Yo for PlayStation Network; Debut Video in Game Dynamo