In the news … Time Machine VR

  • The demo shown at GDC was already one of the better things I’ve seen in virtual reality. The feeling of being up close to these giant beasts wouldn’t be nearly as strong on a standard screen, and even just flying your device around the world is exciting. It felt like being a guest at a version of Jurassic Park with no glass or barriers, with all the danger that entails.

    March, 2015, Polygon

  • Sneaking around them and finding hiding places is essential, because as soon as they spot you, they charge. I learn this quickly as I try to scan a pliosaurus, but don't time it correctly. The creature comes charging at me; I jump a bit in real life as he zooms past, and try with all my might to swim to the rocky ocean floor to get out of his path.

    March, 2015, Game Informer

  • Being seated in a pod creates an instant physical connection with your avatar that you wouldn’t get walking around, and thanks to head-tracking animations your in-game body will contort realistically as you look around – an immersion-boosting feature that similar games like EVE: Valkyrie lack.

    March, 2015, Hardcore Gamer