Pre-order Papo & Yo for PC!

We’re proud to announce that Papo & Yo (PC version) is now available for pre-orders in anticipation of the April 18th launch date!

Pre-orders can be placed internationally through the following stores:




Green Man Gaming


Between April 4-17, pre-orders will be subject to a 10% discount and as a bonus, purchasers will also receive the original soundtrack as part of the bundle price.

On April 18th, to coincide with the official Papo & Yo PC launch day, the soundtrack will also be available for purchase via iTunes and Amazon, priced at US $5.99.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What are the differences between the PSN version and the PC version?

Purchasers will be delighted to find the following upgrades:

– Better graphics and new visual effects
– Improved controls
– Improved character animation and cinematics (including some facial animations)
– More robust gameplay – lots of bugs fixed
– Full controller support for Steam Big Picture mode
– Multi-monitor support

2.  How much does the game sell for at full price?

  • USA, Canada, Mexico – US $14.99
  • UK – £11.99
  • EU Zone 1 – €12.99
    • Ireland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium
    • Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Finland
  • EU Zone 2 – €10.99
    • Norway, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia
    • Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, F.Y.R.O.M., Greece, Bulgaria
    • Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
  • Rubles – 299 p. – Russia
  • CIS – $9.99
    • Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan
    • Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan
    • Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine
  • BR Real – BR $24.99 – Brazil

3.  I’m a big fan of the game!  How can we help you?

Please visit the sites above and post your rave reviews for Papo & Yo.   Your recommendations mean the world to us and we need to show them where they’ll count the most!

4.  Does the PC version have gamepad support?

Yes! We support Xbox 360-compatible controllers.

5.  Will you be working on a Mac version?

We have been focusing on the PC version for so long as our priority but it’s not out of the question.

6.  Will you be releasing a patch to the PSN version?

Please see the answer to #5.

  • elyas

    Will there also be an update for the PSN version? (With at least the bugfixes?)

    • admin

      Your question became a FAQ!

      We have been focusing on the PC version for so long as our priority but it’s not out of the question. We just can’t give you a timeline. Thanks for supporting us!

  • I have preordered and can’t wait to play!

    • admin

      Thanks David!

  • James

    What audio format will the Pre-order soundtrack be in? Any chance for a lossless format like FLAC?

  • I’m writing on behalf of, a Nintendo-dedicated fan web-site in Russia.

    As a gamer, I am looking forward to the release of your Papo and Yo project this week on PC and it looks like the game could be a good match for the Wii U system. Have you given any thought to bringing the game also to the Wii U platform?

    In any case, we wish your game to a be a success on PC, which it definitely deserves!

  • k

    This game looks fantastic – is there any chance it will come out for a Mac? Thank you.