Papo & Yo – The Soundtrack and the Sale

The Papo & Yo soundtrack will be released TOMORROW in North America and WEDNESDAY in Europe!

From December 18 to January 4th in North America, the Papo & Yo Original Soundtrack will be on sale for 15% off the regular price ($4.99 / €4.49). If you’re a PS Plus member, you’ll save 30% off the regular price!

And in North America from December 24 to December 30, Papo & Yo will be part of PlayStation Essentials. Save 30% off the regular price, or if you’re a PS Plus member, you can save 50%.  Papo & Yo also makes a great gift – no wrapping required!  (Unless you want to use our beautiful Papo & Yo gift envelope.)

Loved the Papo & Yo soundtrack?  You can find the fascinating story about the Papo & Yo sound design, music, composer/sound designer Brian D’Oliveira and the team at La Hacienda Creative, in this PlayStation blog, “The Music Stylings of Papo & Yo: Soundtrack and Sale on PSN tomorrow” that just went up this afternoon!

  • Nebulas Michael

    Loved the video on the PS blog…..what an amazing talent in Brian, very lucky to find that kind of passion in one man for the game….can’t wait to download the soundtrack