Papo & Yo – The Soundtrack and the Sale

The Papo & Yo soundtrack will be released TOMORROW in North America and WEDNESDAY in Europe!

From December 18 to January 4th in North America, the Papo & Yo Original Soundtrack will be on sale for 15% off the regular price ($4.99 / €4.49). If you’re a PS Plus member, you’ll save 30% off the regular price!

And in North America from December 24 to December 30, Papo & Yo will be part of PlayStation Essentials. Save 30% off the regular price, or if you’re a PS Plus member, you can save 50%.  Papo & Yo also makes a great gift – no wrapping required!  (Unless you want to use our beautiful Papo & Yo gift envelope.)

Loved the Papo & Yo soundtrack?  You can find the fascinating story about the Papo & Yo sound design, music, composer/sound designer Brian D’Oliveira and the team at La Hacienda Creative, in this PlayStation blog, “The Music Stylings of Papo & Yo: Soundtrack and Sale on PSN tomorrow” that just went up this afternoon!

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