Papo & Yo now on Linux and Mac, also DRM-free, on the Humble Indie Bundle X!

Hola everyone!

Ever since the launch of Papo & Yo on PC, back in April 2013, we’ve been reading your emails and requests asking us whether we would ever port our award-winning game to Linux or OS X. So, in typical Minority fashion, we listened and not only did we make Papo Linux- and OS X-compatible, but we also made it DRM-free!

However, not content with making Papo & Yo available to a wider community, we also decided to take this opportunity to reaffirm our values of empathy and support by releasing this new edition on the Humble Indie Bundle X!

So, from January 7 to 21, name your price and get Papo & Yo bundled with other cool games today! The choice is all yours, you can give as little (starting at $0.01) or as much as you want; you can even choose how you want your contribution to be split between the charity, the Humble Store, and us!

Massive shout outs go out to our programmers Julien Barnoin and Paul Di Marco, for pouring their passion and dedication into these ports of Papo & Yo. Chapeau, guys!

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  • Ubuntuman

    Thanks for Linux support!!! 🙂

  • Nick Hutchison

    So, will the Mac version make its way to Steam anytime soon? I would love to be able to launch all my stuff through Steam

  • Awesome!

  • Luke Pearce

    Fantastic – I’ve been really looking forward to playing this on the Mac! Obviously I can download it directly from humblebundle however do you have an eta when it’ll be available do download for Mac on Steam?

  • Nemoder

    I just got the Linux version and I cringed for a second when I saw the Unreal and WWise logos but I played the game all the way through without any crashes or glitches. Awesome job on the port!

  • Miguel

    Got the humble bundle for this game specially. All I really knew about it at the time is that a youtuber I watch played this, and it looked fun. Wasn’t quite prepared for how deep of a story it has. I just finished it and can say I’m very glad I picked it up. It was an absolute joy to play and experience the world you have created. I look forward to your future works. =)

  • Duncan Neverman

    Hi Guys, Really like your game and just bought in humble bundle, but can I download the game on mac steam? Seems the bundle version is not compatible in Mac OSX. Thanks

    • Hi Duncan, thanks for getting Papo & Yo through Humble Indie Bundle X! As of right now, the game doesn’t run on Mac Steam, though it will soon. However, the bundle version is DRM-free and runs smoothly on OS X. Email us at and we’ll do what we can to have you enjoy our game as soon as possible. 🙂

  • onzyone

    So waiting to be able to download it on steam for may Mac ……….

  • Spudboy2012

    How do I buy the MacOS version now?