Papo & Yo – Mac and Linux ports now available!

Since we first ported Papo & Yo to Mac and Linux on Humble Bundle, fans on Steam have been waiting patiently for it as well.

We’d like to thank you for being such passionate fans of this game. You constantly inspire us with your stories and art about what it means to you, and we’re so happy to finally have it available for Mac and Linux on Steam!

We’ve been working hard on our next game, Time Machine VR, so we’re very sorry for how long it’s taken us to bring Papo to you on these other platforms. Major shout-outs go out to Paul Di Marco, our programmer extraordinaire who took this on and got it done for you. 🙂

So please, enjoy playing Papo & Yo on Mac and Linux, and be sure to contact us at if you have any issues.

Thank you! <3