Open Reply to an Unsigned Fan Letter

Dear Unsigned,

My name is Rommel. I’m the social media manager at Minority. I often say that I have the best “job” in the world because it’s more than a mere job: I get to interact with people. People with a past, and hopes and fears for the future. With me, they share joys and sorrows that our game inspires in them, and I feel privileged to be the recipient of that trust.

Yesterday, your letter came to me, a 5-page handwritten message that you signed with music notes and a heart. You decided not to include a return address…and you threw your message into the sea. So, here I am, casting my own words into the virtual ocean, hoping that they reach you somehow.

I read your moving letter the moment it got to our studio and felt that the team would love to know about you. So, we called a meeting and I read them your gripping story out loud. I had to stop every other paragraph to regain my composure; your story is an overwhelming one and your courage is inspiring.

Being a small company, our path is filled with many challenges and the energy we get from our community of fans helps us push forward. When I was finished reading your letter to the team and I looked back at them, I saw in their faces that you had given them strength.

In your letter, you spoke of your father and about how he tells you that your thoughts are worthless. I am writing you to tell you that we disagree: your thoughts are powerful. I will pin your letter on a board in everyone’s view, so that you may constantly remind us why we do what we do. Again, thank you!

Take care,

– Rommel, on behalf of the Minority team

  • Betty Adamou

    Absolutely beautiful Rommel, and the Minority team. Lovely to hear how your work is really moving people, and the team in return. Truly inspiring.

  • Megan!

    I really hope this message gets to him or her! I teared up a bit when I read “your thoughts are powerful.” I wish everyone could read and believe that and gain strength through your game! Thanks Minority!

    • Thank you, we really hope it reaches her/him too! Thank you for reading and passing it along 🙂 Take care!

  • Beautiful. =)

  • Arlete

    Congratulations all Minority’s team for his sensibility.

  • Dario De carolis

    Respect! <3

  • 0pp0rtunity

    Those parents who think gaming are all about “mindless shooting” should read this, and hopefully you get permission from author to reveal the whole letter. Thank you Minority for going head on against issues many young and adult people struggle with. Keep up the good work! Hopefully you can get money from your government without them trying to interfere with the development. These issues are global and trough games you can reach youths in a different way than other media and such.

    • If the author of this letter ever comes forward to authorize us to publish it, we will. Your encouraging words drive us, thank you!

  • Boris the Blade

    Where can I read this letter?

    • Hi Boris, we didn’t publish the letter itself to respect the anonymity of its author. Though it wasn’t signed, sometimes handwriting can betray a person’s identity as well. So, we decided against releasing it.