Open Reply to an Unsigned Fan Letter

Open Reply to an Unsigned Fan Letter

Dear Unsigned,

My name is Rommel. I’m the social media manager at Minority. I often say that I have the best “job” in the world because it’s more than a mere job: I get to interact with people. People with a past, and hopes and fears for the future. With me, they share joys and sorrows that our game inspires in them, and I feel privileged to be the recipient of that trust.

Yesterday, your letter came to me, a 5-page handwritten message that you signed with music notes and a heart. You decided not to include a return address…and you threw your message into the sea. So, here I am, casting my own words into the virtual ocean, hoping that they reach you somehow.

I read your moving letter the moment it got to our studio and felt that the team would love to know about you. So, we called a meeting and I read them your gripping story out loud. I had to stop every other paragraph to regain my composure; your story is an overwhelming one and your courage is inspiring.

Being a small company, our path is filled with many challenges and the energy we get from our community of fans helps us push forward. When I was finished reading your letter to the team and I looked back at them, I saw in their faces that you had given them strength.

In your letter, you spoke of your father and about how he tells you that your thoughts are worthless. I am writing you to tell you that we disagree: your thoughts are powerful. I will pin your letter on a board in everyone’s view, so that you may constantly remind us why we do what we do. Again, thank you!

Take care,

– Rommel, on behalf of the Minority team

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