Connect with Pat at Oculus Connect 2!

Through developing Time Machine VR and the amazing feedback we are receiving in Early Access, we have a learnt a lot about designing a game exclusively for VR. In developing for a new technology, many faithful techniques designers have used for years suddenly fail. Our lead designer Patrick Harris will be sharing our experience making Time Machine VR at this year’s Oculus Connect 2 conference in a talk titled “Game Design Un-Rules: Examining Design Failures in ‘Time Machine VR’”.

Many talks try to create a guidebook of certain practices that should be followed to guarantee a good game. “I wanted to throw that idea out the window and make a talk that was all about what doesn’t work anymore. So many ‘safe’ design decisions failed spectacularly when we put them in VR, so we had to un-learn a lot of the techniques we had depended on for years as designers.” Says Pat.

Oculus Connect 2 will be from September 23-25th in Hollywood, CA. Pat will be presenting alongside Jesse Schell (creator of ‘I Expect you to Die’), John Carmack (CTO of Oculus) and many more VR developers. We wish Pat the best on his presentation and hope that he won’t get too starstruck!