Minority Media is an established independent video game development studio founded in 2010. Our team has crafted AAA-quality video games for console, PC/Mac and mobile. As of 2014, Minority develops games for virtual reality (VR) platforms exclusively.

Our multiple award-winning Papo & Yo, originally released in 2012 for Playstation 3, is widely praised for its role in introducing a new game genre – empathy games – and helping reshape video game culture.

Minority consists of some of the best video game talent in Canada: artists, designers and programmers with a track record of award-winning innovation and who worked on some of the most memorable game franchises, including Army of Two, Assassin’s  Creed, Need for Speed, FIFA, Splinter Cell, Sleeping Dogs, For Honor and Dead Rising 2 before joining Minority.

Minority’s games have amassed widespread critical acclaim – namely from The New York Times, TIME Magazine, and Wired – and collected numerous awards worldwide, including Kotaku’s “12 Best Games For the Playstation 3” and two NUMIX awards as Quebec’s leading multimedia venture.

In 2014, Minority Media turned its attention to the future of entertainment – virtual reality (VR) – and began work on its next game, Time Machine, a time travel dinosaur safari designed exclusively for consumer VR devices.

As a VR game developer committed to cutting-edge experiences, Minority’s mission is to become a leader in one of the most significant revolutions in entertainment since the invention of the moving picture.